How do we make history matter to our communities? How do we preserve a living legacy for future generations? How do we work with contemporary communities to help them tell their stories and make meaningful decisions about the future of their towns and cities?

UNCG's History and Interior Architecture departments offer a unique set of graduate concentrations in Museum Studies and Historic Preservation. Students earn a master's degree in a core discipline (History or Interior Architecture), while completing a set of classroom-based and hands-on experiences in their chosen concentration. Just like in the “real” job in your future, you'll collaborate directly with skilled historians and designers, and find quickly that these freewheeling partnerships spark exciting new ideas.

What Makes Us Special?

Our program brings together the art of historical research and interpretation with the theory and skills of design practice. Through cross-disciplinary collaborative work, students explore the intersections of history and design in ways that prepare them for the larger world of work in preservation and museums. Read more about what makes us special.