Renovate, Don’t Demolish

This Place Matters Student Support Students were centrally involved in the recent UNCG debate over the future of the quad, a group of 1920s dormitories in the Classical Revival style clustered around a landscaped quadrangle. The quad is a character-defining feature of the UNCG campus. The history of the quad, designed by prominent architect Harry Barton, named for significant WC women, and occupied by countless UNCG students for more than eighty years makes the quad an important part of our campus history, sense of place, and ongoing identity. It is filled with meaning for many people. The local debate led preservation students and faculty to speak out at public forums, to protest in favor of saving the quad, and to create a facebook site to help share information in the spring. Through the summer, students, faculty, alums, and others expressed their concern that the quad might be demolished to the chancellor and board of trustees. In September 2009, the UNCG Board of Trustees endorsed the chancellor’s recommendation to rehabilitate the quad for state-of-the-art dormitories.
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