M.S. Theses

All M.S. students in Interior Architecture complete theses, while History students choose whether to complete a thesis or a shorter independent research paper. Theses cover a wide range of topics within both the historic preservation and museum studies concentrations and reflect the variety of student research interests. The thesis topic is developed by the student in concert with her/his faculty committee in the first year of study. All IAR theses since 2005 are available online. To view more information on the Theses below click on their image. To see more theses please visit the Interior Architecture Theses Archives.

Back to the City: The Re-emergence of Urban Grocery Stores in Mid-Sized Cities

Breakaway: an exhibition to explore civic engagement and the cycling community

Through Changing Scenes: Architecture and Community Values in Little Rock's Historic Urban Churches (2008)

The Greening of Historic Places

Good Wares and Modest Manners: The Salem Store Entrusted to Merchant Traugott Bagge, 1775-1800