Beth Lena-Sherman McGee Beth Lena-Sherman McGee
MS Class of 2012
Paula Carr Paula Carr
Class of 1999
Emily Davis Wilson Emily Davis Wilson
Class of 2009
Holly Hampton Christian Holly Hampton Christian
Class of 1997
Christyn Dunning Christyn Dunning
Class of 2011
Kimberlie Wade Kimberlie Wade
MS Class of 2011


Emily Wilson, (BS 2009) is an interior designer at Marta Mitchell Interiors in Greensboro, NC since 2012.

Kat Sikes, (BS 2012) is the Exhibit Development Manager at the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco, California 

Kate Freeman, (BS 2008) is currently working for Price Modern of the Carolinas in Greensboro, NC

Debbie Nestvogel, (BS 2009) is currently working for Gensler in Charlotte, NC

Christyn Dunning, (BS 2011) is a Junior Interior Designer at Interior Concepts, Inc. in Annapolis, MD.

Cameron Lindsay, (BS 2008) is a showroom manager for Stanley Furniture Company in High Point, NC

Rachel Miller, (MS 2008) is currently working for SCM Architects in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ashley Elledge, (BS 2009) is the owner of her own business Little Tweed Chair in Greensboro, NC which she started up in May 2011.

Diana Stanisic, (BS 2011) is a designer at tvsdesign in Atlanta, Georgia.

Katherine Atkinson, (BS 2011) is a designer at Viewpoint Studios in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jennifer Cutchin Henneman, (BS 2004) began a job with Steelcase, Office Environments in Charlotte in 2011.

Adriana Isaac, (MS 2010) is a Regional Architecture Manager for Swarovski North America in Miami, Florida

Ashley Boycher, (MS 2010) is the associate exhibition designer at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, fall 2010.

Gwenn McKinney, (MS 2009) is currently working for GES Global Experience Specialists as of May 2012 as a Graphic Project Manager in Orlando, FL

Angela Edwards, (BS 2009) began a new job as the Visual Merchandiser for Forever 21 in Raleigh, NC in 2010.

Elizabeth Templeton, (BS 2010) is a designer at Best Tile in Greensboro, NC.

Kathryn Holmes Galloway, (BS 2004) is a Senior Graphic Designer for Meridian Zero in Aberdeen, NC.

Maria Floren, (BS 2009) was just accepted into the Masters of Urban Design program at UNC Charlotte's School of Architecture. She will start in July 2011.

Kemena Brooks, (BS 2009) just completed her masters in Urban Design.

Johanna Kjesbu, (BS 2010) is a Design and Sales Consultant in the design department of Furnitureland South, Jamestown, NC 

Kelley K. Bozarth, (BS 2006 ) is a Senior Environmental Graphic Designer at Little Diversified in Charlotte, N.C. She is also LEED AP.

Heather Miller, (BS 2006) LEED AP, is an Interior Designer with TobinDudleyStarr in Charlotte, NC.

Jennifer Tate Washburn, (BS 2007) was acceptefd into the Pratt Institute's Industrial Design Program

Maggie Richardson, (BS 2007) LEED AP, is a Senior Interior Designer with AP Architectue in Charlotte, NC.

Katelyn Solomon, (BS 2008) works for Commercial Interior Resources, LLC in Wilmington NC

Erin Hicks (BS 2008) works for SFCS Roanoke, which specializes in architecture and interiors for healthcare and education. Jennifer Tate, (BS 2007) now works for MDS (Miller Dyer Spears) Boston, Massachusetts. Rachel Miller (MS 2008) now works for SCM Architects, Little Rock, Arkansas. Additional LEED Accredited Professionals:Maria Floren (fourth year), Kylene Costa (BS 2008). 

Jessica Zuniga greeted donors, recipients,and distinguished guests at an HES Scholarship Awards Luncheon on 19 September 2008, where more than two-dozen students received special recognition and had the opportunity to meet the donors for their scholarships. Chancellor Linda Brady noted in her closing remarks how glad she was to hear student success stories from Jessica, as well as Holly Hampton Christian (BS, 1997), the recipient of the HES Young Alumna Award, given at the luncheon. In her acceptance speech, Holly advised students to find and pursue their passions and to take advantage of the rich resources available at the university in shaping their futures as young designers. Holly received a heartfelt gift from Tommy Lambeth, a piece of artwork made with wood from his grandfather’s house. In telling the story of the piece, Tommy dedicated it to Holly for her passion in design and her support of the department. Tommy’s gift echoed Holly’s earlier bequest to Tommy of an element from her senior thesis project, based on stories of her grandmother’s farm. Stories abound!

Holly Hampton Christian(class of 1997)  received the 2008 Young Alumna Award from the School of Human Environmental Sciences, an honor that recognizes alumnae for their outstanding achievements to service and for improving the quality of life in our society. She will speak as the honored at the HES Scholar Donor Luncheon in September 2008. Holly is the past chair of the IARC Advisory Board.

Our historic preservation concentration in the graduate program enables students to study the retention of the significant embodied energy in the many buildings already in the world. Gisele Taylor Wells (MS 2008) teased out a better understanding of embodied energy in her current work on historic building rehabilitations that qualify for both federal preservation tax credits and LEED certification.

Amanda Wade, (MS 2007) accepted an offer to work at Clark Nexsen, an architectural and engineering firm, in Raleigh.

Bianca Ramsey, (BS 2008) works in New York City as CEO for DB Power of Three. She is LEED AP and has worked on the LEED McDonald's in Cary, NC. 

Giselle Newman Young,(MS 1999)  Principal of Environments in Life, Inc. in Nashville, is featured in an article in Perspective: Journal of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Summer 2008, entitled “Put Into Action”. The goal of her company is “to create a vehicle to put research into action – designing healthful environments, primarily in the healthcare, corporate and hospitality industries.”  Giselle has been practicing interior design since 1982 and has perfected her “research in action” approach at Environments in Life since completing her graduate degree at UNCG in 1999.  She has been active in both ASID and IIDA and currently serves as the Research Education Forum Advisor for IIDA.

Jennifer Adler, a 2007 graduate has accepted an internship position with
Engineering Ministries International (EMI) in Kampala, Uganda for four
months. EMI is a non-profit, Christian organization, which provides
design work for buildings in third world countries through Architects
and Interns. " I will be sending out an update soon, as well as my support
letters, to give you more information on what I will be doing for four
months in Uganda. Feel free to check out EMI's website:"

Amber David, a 2004 graduate is currently living in New York City and working for Ralph Lauren.She started by designing his storefront windows on Madison Avenue, Hamptons and Connecticut. Amber now manages four of Ralph's showrooms: American Living,, Lauren tabletop, Lauren table linens, and Hendredon. She says the best part of the job is special projects and events. "I definitely feel that my degree from the Interior Architecture program prepared me for everything I am experiencing now."

Lauren Paulson, a 2007 graduate updated the department on her progress. She wrote the following, 

"I joined the Construction Specifications Institute. I joined the US Green Building Council and I am on the Communications Committee where I have been recruited to design and help wright the newsletters.

I hope all is well with the department and you should know that UNCG Iarc is very well known out here in the real world and it is the reason I have this job! "

Mari Ann Green, a 2005 graduate, was promoted to an Associate of LS3P, a design firm in Charlotte.

Lindsay Rowland, (BS 2007) LEED AP, is currently working at Calloway Johnson Moore & West in Winston Salem, NC.

Amanda Whitemore, (BS 2003) is currently working for ai Design Group, Inc. in Charlotte, NC as an interior designer.

Jane Norton, (BS 1980) wrote to us: I am a sustainability consultant and coach and executive Director of Eartheal, a not-for-profit whose main project is a Community Green Guide series. They previously produced three print editions of the Greening Orange & Chatham Counties Resource Guide. They are now developing the Triangle community Green Guide (to include Durham, Wake and Alamance), and intend to add the Triad Community Guide and others. These will be online and print editions that are educational and community building tools to make visible, grow and strengthen the green/sustainability communities locally.

April Blackwood, (BS 2005) is working as a designer for JSA, Inc, since October of 2005. It is an Architecture/Interiors/Plannig firm in Jacksonville. The firm has several studios in Healthcare, Education, Senior Living, Hospitality, Sustainable Design and Corporate Interiors. April is active in IIA, Emerging Architects, ULI(Urban Land Institute) and CREW-Jax(Commercial Real Estate for Women).

Paula Carr, (BS 1999) is a Senior Associate at tvsdesign in Atlanta, Georgia. To see her latest project, click on the following link:

Ashley Justice, (BS 2005) is currently working as an Architectural Draftsman for Isley Hawkins Architecture Inc. in Durham, NC.

Riann Adams, (BS 2006) works at Workplace Strategies in Winston-Salem, NC. She did her IAR internship at Workplace Strategies.

Katherine A. Goodman, (BS 2006) was hired by Little Architects in Charlotte, NC in the area of retail store design. Congratulations.

Lauren A. Harris, (BS 2006) is a designer for the Fresh Market Corporation in Greensboro. She will be working on the designs for their new stores.The company has a store growth of 10-15 stores a year and they are spreading out across the country. She feels like she will get to use all her skills learned in IAR at UNCG. She will be working mostly on CAD. Her job title is "architectural designer" working in all aspects of the design, from site selection to fixture design. Congratuations Lauren. Lauren graduated in spring 2006.

Danielle Courtney Tipton is a Junior Designer with ID Collaborative located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Mary Sertell, (BS 2005) is the City of Greensboro's first Urban Designer!

John Archdale Clegg, (BS 2004) is currently employed at David Collins Studio Ltd. in London, England. David Collins is an internationally known Interior Designer.

Adriane Griffin Field, (BS 2002) is currently leading the interiors division of PMSM Architects in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, California. She is a NCIDQ Certificate holder and in April 2012 became a Certified Interior Designer in California.

Bridgett Hedrick, (BS 2005) is working at the M Group in Virginia.

Laurel Jackson Otey is a 2005 graudate who is now working at RTKL Associates, Inc. in Washington, D.C.

Lauren Morrow, (BS 2006) IAR graudate, is currently working with Suncoast Architectural Studios, Inc located in Tampa, FL. The firm includes projects in the educational, hospitality, healthcare, and high end residential areas. Lauren is working as a CAD Technician doing construction documents and revising plans as projects go along.

Lauren Watts, (BS 2006) accepted a position with Quaintance-Weaver located in Greensboro. The company has begun to construct a brand new hotel/restaurant, The Proximity Hotel, which will be the only LEED certified hotel on the east coast. Lauren will be one of the designers for the project and will be working on concepts for both the interior and exterior as well as working on graphic design, web design, and product design.

Caity Osborne, (BS 2006) has been offered a position at Little Architecture Firm in Charlotte, NC. The company was very impressed with her portfolio and Caity says that "it is a direct reflection of the quality education I received from you!" Good luck, Caity!

Kate Worley, ( BS 2006) has accepted an Intern position with Lambert Architecture in Winston-Salem, NC. She will begin in their Banking and Financial division. Also, Kate along with another 2006 IAR graduate, Kim Martin, is doing freelance work for Green Pointe Properties, a sustainable residential investment group in the Triad.

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