Beth Lena-Sherman McGee Beth Lena-Sherman McGee
MS Class of 2012
Paula Carr Paula Carr
Class of 1999
Emily Davis Wilson Emily Davis Wilson
Class of 2009
Holly Hampton Christian Holly Hampton Christian
Class of 1997
Christyn Dunning Christyn Dunning
Class of 2011
Kimberlie Wade Kimberlie Wade
MS Class of 2011


Kimberlie Wade Kimberlie Wade
MS Class of 2011

If someone asked me, “What is the number one thing I learned in the Interior Architecture Department, here at UNCG.” I would tell them, “I learned to think like a designer and to have a valid reason for every design decision.” You first have to understand the process and the time commitment of intelligent design in order to be a good designer. Secondly, you have to maintain the tenacity to explore, analyze, and refine several ideas until you reach a solution that satisfies the programming requirements of your design project.

This is the type of design knowledge that I gained from the Interior Architecture Department during the pursuit of my Bachelors (BS 2004). It is the same knowledge that I further explored in 2009 when I returned to the Interior Architecture Department, to pursue my Masters in Interior Architecture with a concentration in Interior Product Design.

I have been very fortunate to experience a studio environment at UNCG that allowed me to experiment and explore my conceptual ideas for serving ware vessels. Merging design and art provided a platform for me to develop unique product designs and I will always appreciate the collaboration and excitement among fellow students and IARC faculty in regards to my design work.

The continued support from the Interior Architecture Department and the College of Arts & Sciences is a tremendous value and it was a motivating factor in my decision to return for my graduate studies.

Thank you IARC for all that you continue to do for your alumni!

-Kimberlie M. Wade


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