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Searching for design energy: re-visiting my generative process using selection, evaluation, and morphing to generate new ideas(2011)

Directed by Robert Charest, 131 pp.


My interests lie primarily with the energy behind the design of products. In pursuing the question of that energy and its potential, it has become clear to me that prior to any claims regarding transferability it is vital to first document and analyze the components that comprise the whole of design energy. Design Energy, in this case, is the creativity and intellect behind the process of design, from idea generation to production. I have focused on the creation of a method for documenting the design process that incorporates scans and images and other process data by utilizing AutoCAD, 3DMax, Photoshop, Morpheus, and various animation creating software. Through this method I re-visited my generative process in three phases; one by searching and selecting snapshots of my creative work, two by manipulating these found images using morphing software, and three by comparing and mimicking aspects of other design processes as explained by Nigel Cross. By looking back at my process I was able to reevaluate my steps through comparing them to other processes and through my analysis method of using morphing software which led to new idea generation.

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