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Nostalgia Remix: Fusing Traditional Crafts and Contemporary Interior Product Design

Directed by Thomas Lambeth, 123pp.


While always a fundamental part of the design world, textiles have only recently become more integrated into interior product design during the past few years. In particular this kind of exploration gives the product a hand-made authentic quality rooted in traditional craft history. The term “nostalgia remix” both taps current terms in the popular design media, and refers to a concept defined by Judith Cushman-Hammer, lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The term then suggests both an examination of the past and a contemplation of the future of product design. The intent of “nostalgic remix” design, or contemporary designs created with a traditional quality, is to evoke feelings of familiarity and awaken memories; to create products that have an emotional element connected to something recognizable from the past. The thesis investigation develops and evaluates a design process that fuses traditional craft techniques, such as sewing, quilting, and weaving, with contemporary interior product design. The "cocoon" line of products, created through a generative hands-on design process, consists of items intended to help create personal space, privacy, and comfort. This design process encompasses textile arts, or products with a textile component, specifically products that soften the environment.

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