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Breakway: an exhibition to explore civic engagement and the cycling community(2009)

Directed by Patrick Lucas 155 pp.


In this thesis, I investigated the ties between museums and communities.In my research, I moved beyond old museum methods of exclusivity instead exploring new directions for inclusive museum practice, specifically in the area of exhibition design processes. The design study I undertook in this thesis borrows on several early efforts of community-based exhibit making, but moves beyond them in one significant way: an integrated design process that includes community WITHIN the design. While community organizations and citizens have been involved in conceptualizing exhibits and discussions about content, my interest lies in how communities emerge through linking existing organizations, groups, and others interested in conversations about design and space. And while cycling represents the specific subject matter of the exhibition herein, I assert that the participatory process applies to any community-based project in a museum setting. Significantly, I learned that communities exist outside the physical realm and that individuals come together in unanticipated ways around any exhibit subject. This, perhaps, represents the single greatest finding of my work, all of which began with an idea about my interest to challenge what museums do and who they represent.

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