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All M.S. students in Interior Architecture complete theses. Theses cover a wide range of topics within interior architecture and reflect the variety of student research interests. The thesis topic is developed by the student in concert with her/ his faculty in the first year of study. The following theses have been completed by graduate students since 1990. All IAR theses since 2005 are available online.




Felicia Dean 2014 FABRICating FORM: Generating Three-Dimensional Upholstery amid Experiments in Process Driven Design
Christine Lumans 2014 Printable products: Investigating three-dimensional printing in the design process of interior products
Majedeh Modarres Nezhad  2014 Evidence-based Strategies for Sustainable Lighting Design in Grocery Stores
Sangni Qu 2014 An Investigation of the Influence of Pediatric Unit Design on Nurses' Fatigue
Ashley Dale 2014 Pattern, Process, Production: A Design Investigation in Interior Product Design, Exploring Pattern, Digital Fabrication, and Ceramic Production
Aguilera, Claudia 2013 Decoding craft: communicating identity through a system of design
Postlmayr, Lauren Michelle 2013 Rehab code versus the North Carolina building code: a comparison of their application in preservation tax credit projects, 2002-2012
Vega, Mary Estelle 2013 A guide to good stewardship: sustainable preservation strategies for popular historic homes in North Carolina
Elliott, Brooke Erin 2013 Art reshaping spacee
Will, Anna Kate 2013 Patterns of behavior over coffee: an exploration of engagement among coffee-house patrons in Greensboro, North Carolina
Gentry, Abby Anne 2012 1920's North Carolina High Schools Adapting to Twenty-first Century Needs
Johnson, Margaret P. 2012 Gender Dichotomies in the Kitchen: Feminine and Masculine Qualities of Spaces and Artifacts
Klem, Megan J. 2012 North Carolina Mill Rehabilitation: An Analysis of Historic Building Character and Design Strategies
McGee, Beth 2012 An Inventory of Biophilic Design Attributes within Child Life Play Spaces
McGimsey, Laura 2012 Post-War Housing As a Contemporary Home: A Case Study of Residential Change in the Kirkwood Neighborhood
Reilly, Karyn Judd 2012 Kitchen as Text: Decoding the Influence of Julia Child on Interiors, 1962-1969
Sikes, Kathryn Marie 2012 Making Your Own Meaning: Designing Constructivist Interactive History Exhibits
Wall, Natalie Lentz 2012 Re-mystifying the Exhibition of Medieval Sacred Objects
Brandt, Kathryn 2011 Plugging In: Reinterpreting the Traditional Housing Archetype within a community Using Shipping Containers.
Keane, Claire 2011 Providing Home through affordable Infill Housing in Historic District
Wade, Kimberlie 2011 Engage: Designing Interior Products for the communal dining Experience
Brooker, Stephanie 2011 Primay Objects: Developing a new type of furniture for the early elementary classroom.
Jones, Brandon 2011 Searching for Design Energy: Re-visiting My Generative Process Using Selection, Evaluation, and Morphing to Generate New Ideas
Shepulski, Lauren 2011 The Value of a Rehabilitated Neighborhood School in Edenton, NC: a quantitative and qualitative inquiry
Isaac Lara, Adriana 2010 Interactive public "Art-chitecture": Engaging the City and its Inhabitants
Williams, Joy 2010 Historic Tax Incentives and Disaster Relief: A Case Study on Post-Katrina New Orleans
Marion, Sarah Whitfield 2010 Historic Preservation=Community Revialization: New beginings for Carolina Piedmont textile towns
Hayden, Amanda 2010 Optimizing Small Spaces: A New Typology for Living Functions of the Millennial Generation
Boycher, Ashley 2010 The Emerging Voice...of the Exhibition Designer
Morehead, Vanessa J. 2010 Conserving America's Recent Past: A Study of the Mid-Century Modern Rehabilitation Process
Boggs, Adrien 2009 Substance: Sustainable Design Through Positive Users/Object Relationships
Kalman, Tracy 2009 Fusing Traditional Crafts & Contemporary Interior Product Design
Nash, Katherine 2009 Tourism as Heritage: Defining the Tourist Vernacular of Gatlinburg, 1912-1970
Zylstra, Katherine 2009 Visualizing Architectural Culture: the Effects of Rehabilitation on the Voice of Theater
McKinney, Gwen M. 2009 Breakaway: an exhibition to explore civic engagement and the cycling community
Jennings, Jennifer Blakemore 2009 Back to the City: The Re-emergence of Urban Grocery Stores in Mid-Sized Cities
Becker, Emily 2009 The Proximity Hotel: A Case Study on Guest Satisfaction of Sustainable Luxury Environments
Culler, Lola Langdon 2009 Good wares and modest manners: the Salem store entrusted to Merchant Traugott Bagge, 1775-1800
Alkire, Jennie G. 2008 Replacement Windows in Historic Houses: A Study of the College Hill Historic District in Greensboro, North Carolina
Wells, Gisele 2008 The Greening of Historic Places: Finding Common Ground Between Historic Tax Credits and LEED Certification.
Stewart, Tiffany 2008 Unscripted Actions: Designing for Product Interaction through a Preschool Play System.
Miller, Rachel 2008 Through Changing Scenes: Architecture and Community Values in Little Rock's Historic Urban Churches.
Greene, Mary Bennett 2008 The Transformation of the Battery Park Landscape in Asheville, North Carolina: 1900-1930.
Frunza, Bogdana Simina 2008 Streetscape and Ethnicity: New York's Mulberry Street and the Redefinition of the Italian American Identity.
Volchansky, Nadezhda Vitalievna 2007 identifying Sleep-Disruptive Noise Factors in Healthcare Environments
Wade, Amanda 2007 Balancing Preservation and Interaction in the Museum Setting
Suzanne Star
2007 Adaptations of Home:Mexican, Montagnard and Sudanese Immigrants' Use of Space in Greensboro, NC
Chapman, Christine 2007 Archetype, Hybrid, and Prototype: Modernism and House Beautiful's Small House Competition, 1928-1942
Tucci, Jacob 2006 The Despecialization of Objects: A Process Oriented Approach to Designing Interior Objects
Lachenman, Sara 2005 Making Carrboro Home: User Alteration of Company Space
Wagner, Heather 2005 Court Square: Movement, Memory, Method, Meaning
Sertell, Mary 2005 Nashville's Lower Broadway: Preservation and Playscapes in the Urban Environment
Wolfe, Cristi Rowland 2004 Architectural Character: The Non-Regulated Interior of the Mississippi Planter's Cottage
Park, Sanghee 2004 Culturally Appropriate Sustainable Housing Design Models for Greensboro, U.S.A., and Seoul, South Korea
Fukumoto, Tsuyoshi 2004 Assessment of Urban Exterior Environment by Interiority
Ritter, Angelica Martinez 2003 "Spaces-in-Between" in Academic Buildings
Lee, Hyun Seung 2003 Evaluation of Computer-Aided Daylighting Simulation Programs Compared to the Actual Space and the Physical Model
Bernal, Ana Patricia 2003 Manufactured Housing Industry Potential as a Source of Efficient Life Long Dwelling
Hirani, Aditi K 2003 Interactive Multimedia in Design Education
Roberts, Candace Anne 2002 Spatial Requirements for the Aging Baby Boomers at Retirement, as Determined by Activities, Amenities, and Special Possessions
Majumdar, Debarati 2002 Factors of the Physical Environment in a Retail Setting that Influence Store Choice Decision Processes of Female Consumers between 15 and 19 Years of Age: A Qualitative Investigation
Hickman, Steven Scott 2002 Chinese Fretwork Staircases in Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, 1750-1806
Hedgecock, Ericka M 2002 Pohjoinen Valo Museo: Visualizing Light in the Virtual Museum Environment
Chinna-Gounder, Premalatha 2001 Use of Computer-Aided-Rendering for Realistic Presentation: Client Communication in Architectural Practice
Burns, Herbert I. 2000 Evolution Of A Solution.
Young, Giselle Newman 1999 An Environmental Analysis of Non-renovated and Renovated Rehabilitative Facilities with Respect to Compliance with the Theory of Supportive Design
Beals, Ruth Ann 1999 Teaching Lighting Within Interior Design Education: Light Before Lighting?
Brown, Tracey 1997 Person and Place: African Americans and Shotgun Houses in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Davis, Betsy 1996 Architectural Style and Mode of Moravian Sacred Places in Eighteenth Century Wachovia.
France, Jennifer Kraner 1996 Natural Light Used as a Generating Design Principle Provides a Meaningful Approach to Interior Design
Graybeal, Kaye 1995 Local Historic District Designation and the Spatial Distribution of Assessed Property Value Increases
Kiser, Jeffrey 1995 The Chimney Piece Remembrancer, A Discourse on Sundry Aspects of the Chimney Piece in North Carolina from 1780-1860
Prochaska, Paulette 1995 The History of French Doors and Their Effects on Interior Spaces
Taylor, Louisa 1995 Decorative Concrete Tiles for Interior Walls Derived from the Precedence of Frank Lloyd Wright's 1923 California Concrete Block Houses
Leonard, Craig 1993 Wallpaper of the Victorian Era: 1830-90, Colors, Textures, and Placements: A Design and Precedent Study
Lowry, Patricia 1992 Designing for the Child's Privacy in the Preschool Environment
Higginbotham, Maryellen 1992 The Daniel Paisley Foust House Tradition and Transformation
Hill, Sarah Berry 1990 Emergency and Transitional shelter for Homeless Families Design Guidelines and Case Study
Graham, Carann 1990 Moving Visitors Through Space in Museum Exhibitions
Myers, Lynda 1990 The Role of Facilities Management in Chain For-Profit Nursing Home Organizations and Management Groups


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