Prospective Students




Stoel Burrowes

Stoel Burrowes , M.A. 
Assistant Professor Academic Professional
Internship Coordinator

Design as process and exploration, furniture design, woodworking

Felicia Dean

Felicia Dean, M.F.A.
Academic Professional

Sculptural furniture / textiles / process driven design / analog + digital fabrication / experimental materials / contemporary craft

Amanda Gale

Amanda Gale, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Environmental education, sustainable design credentialing, emerging professional career preparation, indoor environmental quality in educational settings, interior lighting design, and environmental psychology

Travis Hicks

Travis Hicks, M. Arch
Assistant Professor and Director of Center for Community-Engaged Design

Sustainabilty, Public Interest Design, Community Engagement, Interior architecture's role in contemporary practice

Tommy Lambeth

Tommy Lambeth, M.Landscape Arch.
Associate Professor 
Undergraduate Coordinator

Place theory, environmental design, communication graphics, interior product design

Jo Leimenstoll

Jo Leimenstoll, M. Arch.
Professor and Director of Graduate Study

Historic preservation theory and practice, architectural conservation, design review, sustainability and historic preservation, neighborhood and downtown revitalization

Sebastian Lindquist

Sebastian Lindquist
Woodshop Supervisor

Woodworking, prototype development, project management, digital electronics, open-source software

Anna Marshall-Baker

Anna Marshall-Baker, Ph.D. FIDEC
Department Chair

Design for special populations, interdisciplinary study, biophilia and sustainability, human and environmental relationships

Hannah Mendoza

Hannah Mendoza, M.F.A. 
Assistant Professor

Gender, identity and the built environment, design education, research methods, theory and philosophy, design for the disenfranchised, social justice, design knowledge, interdisciplinarity

Tina Sarawgi

Tina Sarawgi, M.Arch. 
Associate Professor

Design, simulation, representation, and collaboration using digital media; interior lighting design; design pedagogy
on leave for 2015/2016

Maruja Torres Antonini

Maruja Torres-Antonini, Ph.D.
Visiting Associate Professor

Sustainable communities/cohousing/campus housing; sustainability education and lifestyle practices; green design and construction; inter- and trans-disciplinary issues; design history, theory and material culture


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