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Windows laptop recommendation: The department of Interior Architecture recommends that students purchase the Lenovo performance T530 2012 model (Intel i7, 3520M) through the UNCG Laptop Program.

Apple laptop recommendation: The department of Interior Architecture recommends that students purchase the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.7GHz i7 with Retina Display through the UNCG Laptop Program.

Purchasing Options: For more information, visit:

Laptop purchase website for UNCG is:

Benefits of purchasing a laptop through the UNCG program: 
The advantage to purchasing a laptop through the UNCG Student Laptop Program is that you are provided service for the laptop here at UNCG’s Information Technology Support Center. The laptops come with a software bundle that includes the operating system, Microsoft Office, and Symantec Antivirus. The laptops come with three year warranty, but this does not include accidental damage or neglect. The battery is under a one year warranty. If you purchase a UNCG Student Laptop Program laptop, it is eligible for reimage (reformats) while you are a student at UNCG. A reimage is a wipe of the laptop, and the laptop is restored to its original state with the Program’s software bundle. The Technology Support Center also offers the service of providing loaner laptops for students who purchased UNCG Program laptops that are experiencing hardware issues; this does not include software issues.

Interior Architecture Software Recommendations: 
The following software programs are recommended for the interior architecture students in their first year:

1. Adobe Creative Cloud. Visit Adobe’s website at
2. Microsoft Windows 7 if you are using a Mac. This can be purchased for a nominal price from the Technology Support Center at UNCG. You will be eligible to buy the software at this price only if you buy a Mac through the UNCG Student Laptop Program. Apple Laptops must be installed with Bootcamp in order to run Windows 7.
3. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a monthly subscription to Premium subscriptions allow the member access to project files but are not necessary.

If you have questions, please contact our Digital Director, Dickie Cox at:

This is an outline of software and can quickly become out of date. Please consult Tina Sarawgi, chair of IAR Digital Design Curriculum Committee, if you have any questions or concerns about software at

List of Yearly Requirements of Software Programs at IARC


Software Programs Required

Software Programs Recommended

First Year,
Fall Semester

MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

Imovie or equivalent

First Year,
Spring Semester



Second Year,
Fall Semester

Rhino*, AutoCAD*)


Second Year,
Spring Semester


Adobe Dreamweaver

Third Year, Fourth Year, Graduate Level


3ds Max*, Revit*, Macromedia Flash,
Adobe Premiere,
Adobe Director, AGI32*

• Programs marked with a * run only on Windows.
• Please ask your instructor before purchasing any of the recommended software programs.
List of Required Software and Related Expenditure:


Software Program


Yearly Subscription


Creative Cloud




MS Office (Word, Excel , Powerpoint, Outlook)






Free (




Basic subscription



1. All the quoted software prices are as of May 2013 and before taxes.
2. We highly recommend that the students purchase an ongoing subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. This includes a unified collection of software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat Professional and GoLive and costs $29.99/month.
3. Microsoft Office Professional package comes bundled with the Windows hardware if you make your purchase through UNCG Laptop Initiative.


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