The Computer.Aided.Making studio (CAMstudio) is an interdisciplinary environment where both academics and design entrepreneurs come together to utilize digital fabrication to prototype, simulate, and realize digital designs in the physical realm. CAMstudio is part of the Interior Architecture program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. The studio was developed to be a common ground that facilitated interactions between analogue and digital processes, provide a place to experiment, and expose interior design students to digital fabrication machines and techniques. Our studio has the following equiptment:

  • 4’x2’ Universal laser cutter
  • 8’x5’x9” computer numeric controlled (CNC) 4-axis mill
  • 24”x18”x3” desktop CNC 3-axis mill
  • Robai Cryton Veta robotic arm
  • Zcorp 450 3d Printer
  • Makerbot Cupcake 3D printer
  • Vacuum former
  • Drytek mounting hot press

The CAMstudio is a place where students are not only challenged but learn to challenge the design, production, and end-product of any interior space. At the CAMstudio students are able to realize the digital world as tangible objects by converging computer-aided-design (CAD) with computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) technology. This intersection of CAD/CAM is made possible by students learning to speak the computing language of fabricators and develop a unique skill set which promotes and utilizes technology. The CAMstudio has allowed for a new craft of model building and full scale prototyping in interior design to emerge, a digital craft where designing meets rapid prototyping and high tech machinery.


2227 W. Lee Street. Unit A _ Greensboro, NC

From Campus: Take Aycock Street south. Turn Right on W. Lee Street. Directly across from the Greensboro Coliseum you will turn Right in order to stay on W. Lee Street. You will be driving parallel with the railroad tracks. Three blocks down on your left-hand side you will find 2227 W. Lee Steet.

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