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BEES4.0 (Building for Environental and Economic Sustainabilty) download.

Our IARc Library and Natuzzi Lounge includes both print materials and material samples. Jackson University Library has catalogued over 1200 print materials and nearly 150 material samples. To our knowledge, we are the only school that has its material samples catalogued through the university library. This enables students to input a keyword such as “bamboo” and access books as well flooring, building materials, furnishings, and textiles samples. Further, all the materials in the IARc Library are current and either green or sustainable. These material samples are catalogued using the CSI MasterFormat™ Division List. Each material sample also is accompanied by a protocol sheet with information related to life cycle analysis, installation, and maintenance.

The print materials in the IARc Library include collections from Robert E. Stipe, Professor Emeritus of Design at North Carolina State University School of Design and Trustee Emeritus of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and from Novem Mason, Professor Emeritus of Interior Architecture at UNCG. Additional print materials include current periodicals, materials and furnishings cutsheets, pamphlets, and brochures.

Some of the more valuable pieces in the IARc Library include an illustrated guidebook of London indicating the history of the city, The Silver Jubilee Walkway. Only one other library (in Australia) holds this book and its accompanying map. Architectural Preservation in Japan by Knut Einar Larsen is in two libraries on the east coast, the IARc Library and Harvard Library, and we are one of three libraries in the world with a Frank Lloyd Wright/Steelcase pamphlet regarding furniture FLW did for a Steelcase building.

Organizing materials in the IARc Library was complemented by the generous donation of furnishings by Natuzzi and funding from Marie Harrell. Area rugs, leather seating, tables, light fixtures, and accessories were donated to the department through a member of the Interior Architecture Advisory Board.

All in the department are grateful for the collaborative efforts of so many who made our IARc Library and Natuzzi Lounge possible. We anticipate on-going opportunities for IARc students to work in the library as well as practicum experiences for students in Library and Information Science who will continue to organize and catalog our collections.

The IARc Library is an affiliate of the Walter Clinton Jackson Library on the UNCG campus which enables any student at UNCG to access this library’s resources. It is managed by the Department of Interior Architecture (IARc). The library contains books, periodicals, product information and materials samples. Samples of sustainable materials and products by current manufacturers include floor and wall finishes, furnishings, fabrics, and decorative accessories. There are computers, printers and scanners available to assist in visitors’ searches for information.


The Natuzzi Lounge in the IARc Library space is available to faculty and students for study, discussion, and conversation.


The IARc Library is located in Room 305 Gatewood Studio Arts Building at UNCG.

Library Hours 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-5pm

Tuesday, Thursday 9:00am-5pm


All visitors will sign in. They will check with the attendant regarding borrowing books. Books will be scanned with your uncg card to check out for 2 days. They will be scanned again upon return. Materials are not allowed to be borrowed and must be used in the library only.



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