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From knowing who the president of France is, to understanding how the global economy works, IGS students are immersed in the politics, history, language and philosophies of various global communities.

Technology has dramatically reduced the effects of geographical distance and language barriers, resulting in the need for young men and women who are able to maneuver in the global marketplace. Graduates with strong analytical skills -- the ability to understand and evaluate the impact of political, economic, and cultural dynamics -- are increasingly sought after by corporations and non-profits.

IGS is a multi-disciplinary program that allows students to explore opportnities in the humanities and social sciences from such disciplines as history, anthropology, economics, political science, public health, foreign languages, and sociology. Students will be prepared for careers in business, government, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic agencies and the arts.

This program also prepares students for graduate study in the social sciences, the arts, international affairs, and political studies. It provides an excellent background for those anticipating careers with an international focus in law, journalism, public health, or medicine.

The International and Global Studies Program maximizes the international resources of UNCG as a whole, and allows our students to earn official recognition for their pursuits in this arena.


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Russian Studies /
Arts and Beliefs

Kathleen Macfie Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Russian
2304 MHRA

Office Hours
for Dr. Campo
by appointment

Tuesday:   12 :30 – 2:00PM in 2322 MHRA

Wednesday:  12:00 – 2:00PM in 103-E Foust (IGS office)

Thursday:    12:30 – 2:00PM in 103-E Foust (IGS office)

Please contact Yvonne Matlosz at or 334-5560 to make an appointment

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