International and Global Studies

IGS Concentrations

IGS offers three principal concentrations: 

  • International and Global Affairs and Development is available for students most interested in studying other countries and the processes and consequences of globalization from a socio-political, economic, health, and environmental perspective.
  • International and Global Arts and Belief Systems is for students who prefer to look at other societies and the world through an artistic and literary lens and wish to discover the rich diversity of religions and philosophical perspectives across our globe. 
  • International and Global Human Rights is is intended for undergraduate students who want to  focus their studies on understanding—in critically considered, multidimensional, and applicable ways—the foundations of freedom, justice, and peace as they relate to the protection of the dignity and rights of human beings around the world.
  • The Regional Studies concentration is, in essence, a “basket” comprised of five area-specific concentrations, each corresponding to a major world region:  Russia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.  Please click on the links below for more details on each concentration, including a listing of the campus-wide faculty serving as members of the related Faculty Concentration Advisory Groups and the rich variety of courses typically associated with each area of study.