I-House Application Process

To apply for the International House, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the online Housing and Residence Life application, which is available http://hrl.uncg.edu/apply_for_housing/upperclass_14-15.php. Complete Step 1.  You do not need to make a prepayment as it is waived because of your International Status.  If you want to live in I-House/ Phillips Hawkins, continue on to number 2 below.  You are done with the Housing and Residence Life Application.

2. Students who want to live in the I-House, must also complete the I-House application: http://www.uncg.edu/ipg/ihouseapp09.html

NOTE: If you are currently living in the I-House and have already completed the Housing and Residence Life reapplication process, please write "Current I-House Resident" at the beginning of the essay paragraph section.

3. Wait for Housing and Residence Life to notify you about your housing and room assignment.

Page updated: April 2, 2014

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