Ceola Baber
Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D., Purdue University
(336) 334-3412, crbaber@uncg.edu
Secondary Education 
Teacher Education 
Social Studies 
Multicultural / Equity Education
Raleigh Bailey
Senior Research Scientist, Social Work
Director, Center for New North Carolinians
Ph.D., Hartford Seminary Foundation
(336) 256-1063, baileyview@triad.rr.com
Immigrants in North Carolina
Specialist in Montagnards & Southeast Asians
The Cultural History of North Carolina
Acculturation Issues and Religion
Shelly Brown
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Ph.D., The University of Michigan
(336) 334-5295, slbrown2@uncg.edu
Affirmative Action
Race & Education
Race & Ethnic Relations
Jewell Cooper
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-3438, jecooper@uncg.edu
Teacher Education
Multicultural Education
Ethnic Identity Development
African American Children's Literature
Kimberly Cuny
Lecturer, Communication
Director, University Speaking Center
M.A., The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 256-1346, kmcuny@uncg.edu
Teaching Tolerance
Public Speaking
Channelle James
Lecturer, Business Administration
Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
(336) 334-3907, cdjames2@uncg.edu
Women at Work
Diversity & Cross Cultural Relationships
Popular Culture & Business
 Katherine Jamieson
Assistant Professor, Exercise & Sports Science
Ph.D., Michigan State University
(336) 334-3036, kmjamies@uncg.edu
Hispanic Girls and Women in U.S. Sports
Sport as Cultural Practice
Student Engagement in Local Community Sports Programs
 Carl Lashley
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
Ed.D., Indiana University
(336) 334-3745, carl_lashley@uncg.edu
No Child Left Behind
Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
School Resegregation
School Law
Kevin Lowe
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D., Florida International University
(336) 334-3055, KEVIN_LOWE@uncg.edu
Business Strategy
Cross Cultural Management  Issues
Christopher N. Poulos
Assistant Professor, Communication
Ph.D. The University of Denver
(336) 334-3837, cnpoulos@uncg.edu
Communicating Common Ground Diversity and Dialogue
Communication & Relationships
The Idea of Service
Carolyn Riehl
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations
Ph.D. Columbia University
(336) 334-3492, cjriehl@uncg.edu
School Leadership & Organization 
School-Community Relationships 
Sociology of Education, Gender & Education, Urban Education 
Cultural Diversity in Education 
Communication Processes in Education

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