Exercise Physiology

The Department of Kinesiology application process for a M.S and Ph.D. with a specialization in Exercise Physiology.

Application Process:

The application deadline for Fall admission is January 15th of each calendar year for students who want to be considered for graduate assistantships. Applications will be accepted after the January 15th deadline; however, candidates are at a competitive disadvantage after this time. In addition, applications for Spring admission will be considered, however, it is unlikely that graduate assistantship funding will be available at this time.

Application Materials to be Completed and Submitted Directly to The Graduate School:

Students are encouraged to follow The Graduate School Application Guidelines for the most up to date requirements located at The Graduate School webpage.

  1. Traditional students submit the Graduate Application for Admission to the UNCG Graduate School. International students submit the International Graduate Application for Admission to the UNCG Graduate School (application deadline dates vary for international applicants).
  2. Non-Refundable Application fee ($60)
  3. An official transcript from every college and university where the student previously completed course work.
  4. Three recommendations. These recommendations can be submitted directly by the applicant's recommenders via the on-line Graduate School application. Recommendations should be submitted from persons who can attest to the student's academic competence or ability to do graduate work.
  5. Residency statement (for applicants claiming North Carolina residency).
  6. Official GRE test scores.
  7. Additional information required for international student applicants:
    1. Completed Financial Certification Form (and Affidavit of Support, if appropriate).
    2. Official final transcripts. All international applications must have their credenials evaluated. Please see more information about this requirement at http://grs.uncg.edu/prospective/international/.
    3. Official record of TOEFL scores (for non-native English speakers). The minimum acceptable TOEFL scores is 550 (paper-based) or 79 (internet-based); having the minimum score alone does not guarantee admission.
    4. Students who do not have the appropriate TOEFL scores can enroll in the UNCG INTERLINK program to improve their language proficiency before applying to a program. This program provides intensive English language and cultural orientation.

Upon receipt of all the aforementioned materials The Graduate School forwards the candidate's completed file to the Graduate Administrative Assistant in the Department of Kinesiology.

Supplemental Application Materials to be completed and submitted directly to the Department of Kinesiology:

    KIN Grad Application.docSupplement to Application for Admission . This form is available online or by contacting the KIN Department. Please upload the supplemental documents requested directly to the on-line Graduate School application or mail directly to the Department of Kinesiology at the address provided on the form.

Notification of Admission

Students are notified of the outcome of their application in the mid to late spring for matriculation in the upcoming fall semester.