KIN 453: Measurement and Learning Assessment in Physical Education
This course is designed for seniors in the major of Teacher Education (PEHTE) to develop an understanding of viable learning assessment and design and use trustworthy methods to gather and analyze learning evidence. The content focuses on developing assessment instruments, including standardized tests and rubrics, to document student's progress in learning physical skill, knowledge, and fitness development.

KIN 455: Teaching Children and Adolescents for Healthful Living Physical Education and Health
This course is for seniors majoring in Physical Education and Health Teacher Education (PEHTE) to learn how to design, plan and teach physical education content relevant for helping children and adolescents develop healthful, physically active lifestyles. The course offers PEHTE majors educational content for children and adolescents to effectively learn physical activity and healthful living concepts. Students learn to plan and implement developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and techniques that can be used in school and community programs to enhance children and adolescents knowledge and value of physical activities. Students also study to follow principles and guidelines of planning, implementing, and maintaining quality physical activity programs.

KIN 611 Research Methods in Exercise and Sport Science
The graduate course is designed as an introduction to research methodology in kinesiology. It focuses on concepts and methods for conducting evidence-based inquiries. The content includes but is not limited to conducting effective literature review, formulating meaningful research questions, using quality research design and methodologies for gathering quality evidence, preserving data validity / reliability (trustworthiness), following ethics standards in kinesiological research, writing effectively for research proposals and thesis, and submitting and publishing research reports.

KIN 656 Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Education and Sport
The course is designed for graduate students, especially those in Pedagogical Studies, to enhance understanding of social and psychological factors that influence instructional interactions and the perceptions of teachers, coaches and students. The specific theoretical perspective that guides the course is achievement motivation theory. Achievement motivation issues in sport, exercise, and physical education settings will be explored through a broad spectrum of perspectives including social-cultural and pedagogical factors.

KIN 658 Multiculturalism and Physical Education Curriculum
This course helps graduate students to understand cultures, factors of cultural influence, roles of race, gender, class, as they intersect with physical ability in physical activity. The content focuses on hidden curriculum issues, diverse cultures as curricular resources, culturally relevant pedagogy in physical education.

KIN 644 Program Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Education
The course provides a careful examination on program evaluation concepts, processes, and issues in physical education/activity interventions. It trains student to conduct reflection and critique of different evaluation philosophies, theories, and policy ramifications in program evaluation. The content helps student understand what is and is not relevant evidence and evidence-based practices; develop ability to analyze the nature of evidence-based program evaluation, conduct an evidence-based program evaluation, and interpret evidence-based evaluation results for policy change.

Special Program - Study Abroad KIN 389 Dissecting Martial Arts (Wu Shu) in Contemporary China

Courses Taught in Previous Institutions

Undergraduate Courses:
  • Methods in Physical Education
  • Instructional Planning in Physical Education
  • Teaching Fitness Concepts and Physical Activity
  • Practicum in Teaching Physical Education
  • Elementary School Physical Education: A Movement Approach
  • Test and Measurement in Physical Education
  • Curriculum Design in Physical Education
Graduate Courses:
  • Curriculum Theories in Physical Education
  • Curriculum Issues in Physical Education
  • Cultural Perspectives in Curriculum Development in Physical Education
  • Research on Teaching in Physical Education
  • Achievement Motivation in Physical Activity
  • Program Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Education
  • Special Program – Study Abroad
  • Dissecting Martial Arts (Wu Shu) in Contemporary China