Graduate Students

Ph.D. Area of Specialization: Curriculum Theory and Development

Ed.D. Area Specialization: Program Development and Evaluation

M.S. Area of Specialization: Curriculum Development and Teaching

I encourage students interested in graduate study with me in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to contact me directly to learn more about course work and research opportunities in our degree specializations. Each student’s program of study is individually designed consistent with his or her interests and expertise. Graduate students are urged to study fulltime whenever possible because of the enhanced quality and concentrated focus associated with a fulltime experience.

The UNCG campus and surrounding area provide numerous opportunities for high quality research. Graduate students who are my advisees specialize in curriculum theory and development (Ph.D.) and program development and evaluation (Ed.D.) in physical education/activity programs, teaching, and teacher education. Ph.D. students’ career goals often include positions in college and university teacher education/pedagogical studies programs, while Ed.D. graduate students often choose to seek employment or return to current school or government agency positions. All graduate students conduct research as part of our research team and meet together weekly in courses and Journal Club activities. All research is conducted in public schools where we interact continuously with pre-service and experienced teachers and their students. Prior public school experience is preferred, though not required. Admission is competitive and GRE scores are required. TOEFL scores are required for international students. Please contact me via email for more information or to arrange an appointment to visit the UNCG campus, meet the current graduate students, and tour our laboratory and graduate student offices.

Applications for UNCG graduate study are available online. Please indicate your interest in working with Dr. Ennis on your application.