Girls in Sport Symposium - 2010

The Department of Kinesiology and the Center for Women's Health and Wellness at UNCG is pleased to announce Second Annual Girls in Sport Symposium

Second Annual Girls in Sport Symposium
Friday, April 23, 2010
Alumni House
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Girls experience sport and physical activity differently than boys during their childhood and adolescence. The health benefits of continued physical activity for girls are well known, such as reduced levels of obesity and greater bone mass. Less well known are the positive psychosocial and academic benefits that can come from regular physical activity or sports: higher self esteem, increased positive body image, higher test scores, increased likelihood to attend college.

These important benefits however do not come about accidentally. For this reason it is important that coaches and teachers understand how to implement methods and strategies into their teaching and coaching efforts that will maximize these benefits for their students and players.

The purpose of the Girls and Sport Symposium is to provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities for teachers, coaches and recreation professionals who work with girls and adolescent female athletes.

Each year the symposium provides practical, hands-on methods and strategies that teachers, coaches and recreational professionals that can immediately be integrated into their teaching and coaching efforts with the intention of providing an enhanced physical learning and performing environment for their female participants.

The methods and instructional strategies presented in the symposium are based on the most current research and information and are presented by innovative professionals and academics.

This year the symposium features our keynote speaker - Jan Todd.