Girls in Sport Symposium - 2010

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Heidi Grappendorf


Where we've been; where we are; where we are going: Girls & women in sport and physical activity

This talk will focus on the long and ongoing journey of girls and women in sport and physical activity. A history and progression, along with barriers and victories of girls and women in sport and physical activity will be covered.

A brief overview of the early struggles for women in sport and physical activity, to providing a current status update and finally highlighting some future issues will be covered.

DeAnne D. Brooks, M.Ed., CSCS


Title IX helped to increase sporting opportunities for many girls and women. However, common beliefs regarding race, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, ability/disability, and body type continue to inform practices that restrict access for many potential female athletes. Coaches and teachers have the wonderful opportunity to expand upon the success of Title IX and continue working toward providing sporting opportunities for all girls and young women. In this session, we will discuss common beliefs and practices that may restrict some girls’ participation in sport and, then, we will discuss options for change and plans for action. Session attendees will leave with greater awareness of ways to end discriminatory and exclusionary teaching and coaching practices as well as ways to positively affect change in and through sport.

Dr. Jennifer Etnier, Department of Kinesiology, UNCG

Psychological issues related to coaching girls in sport and physical activity settings

Dr. Etnier will provide an interactive discussion focused on psychological issues relevant to coaching girls in sport and physical activity. The discussion will focus on gender differences in the following areas: communication; physical, technical, and tactical abilities; motivation, level of competitiveness, and desire for social interaction. Consideration will also be given to expectations of female athletes in terms of the gender of their coach.

Pam Noakes National Association for Girls and Women in Sport

21 st Century Sports for Girls:  Where We Are and Where We’ve Been

While girls and women have been involved in sports for quite some time, landmark Title IX legislation in 1972 opened the doors for gender equity in sport and education, greater participation by girls, and growth of college and professional sport opportunities.

Discussion about the law, its impact and its consequences on women’s sports will be the focus of this presentation which will include a video clip from the recently-released DVD “Title IX: Implications for Women in Sport and Education” published by National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS).

Ashley Thomas, Bridges II Sports, Leandra Bedini and Kim Miller, Department of Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality Management, UNCG

I want to play!, adaptive sports……..a viable option.

Several stations will be set up for participants to try different skills involved in a variety of Adaptive Sports.  A brief PowerPoint will be used to show the diversity of adaptive sports available and how to create inclusive opportunities.  Also, a short piece on the Statewide initiative Bridge II Sports and Blue Cross and Blue Shield foundation of NC project to create a statewide infrastructure for sustainable adaptive sport.