Group Scheduling for Summer & Fall 2010!!

Scheduling for classes for Summer and Fall 2010 begins March 23 and runs through April 23. If you have not signed up for a group scheduling session, you need to do so as soon as possible!

Early registration for summer and fall classes will start on Thursday, April 2 and go through April 23, 2010. If you miss group scheduling, you will not be able to meet with your advisor to schedule classes until after the early registration period ends, there is a strong possibility that you will then not be able to get into all of the courses you need. It is your responsibility to sign up early for a session!

Group session guidelines:
  1. Arrive at your session on time !!
  2. Bring a pen, a rough draft of courses you think you want to take in summer and Fall 2010, and a current copy of your degree evaluation
    • You can find your degree evaluation at : UNCGenie > secure areas > student records > degree evaluation > BSKIN (BSESS)/HHP (or generate new evaluation) > detailed requirements > print.
  3. The more prepared you are, the more efficiently faculty advisors can review your schedule and give you your advising code.
  4. You will not be given your advising code by anyone in the Department if you have not attended, or do not have proof that you attended a group scheduling session. Keep the white copy of your class schedule in a safe place in case you forget your advising code.
  5. Faculty advisors will be available to meet with you individually (by appointment) after you have been to a group session if you have any questions, concerns, etc.
  6. Bring your completed schedule to demonstrate that you have been to a group advising session.
Please read the following materials and bring a copy of your concentration or sequence sheet to advising session:

Sports medicine and Fitness Leadership concentrations:

Physical Education and Health Teacher Education Concentration:

If you have questions, email your personal advisor or contact Pea Poole at