Laurie Wideman, Ph.D., IRB Chair
Associate Professor


Office: 270 HHP Building, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Phone: 334-3234
Email address:
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Exercise Physiology

Recent Publications

  • Eifert, E., Wideman, L., Oberlin, D.J., and Labban, J. The relationship between physical activity and perceived health in older women: Findings from the Woman’s College Alumni Study. Journal of Women & Aging (Accepted; Publication expected Feb 2014)
  • Savoca, M., Oakley, M., Austin, A., Martinek, T., Wideman, L. and Carter, K. Heart of Hypertension Project: Development of a community-based prevention program for young African-American men. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action 7(2): 63-169. PMCID: 23793247
  • Wideman, L., Montgomery, M., Levine, B., Beynnon, B. and Shultz, S. 2013. Accuracy of calendar based methods for assigning menstrual cycle phase in women. Journal of Sports Health 2(5): 143-149.
  • Montgomery, M.M., Shultz, S.J., Schmitz, R.J., Wideman, L. and Henson, R. 2012. Influence of lean body mass and strength on landing energetics. Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise 44(12): 2376-2383. PMCID: 22811034
  • Bell, R.D., Shultz, S.J., Wideman, L. and Henrich, V. 2012. Genotypes previously associated with ACL injury and other soft tissue pathologies are also associated with joint laxity. Journal of Sports Health 4(4): 312-318. PMCID: 23016102.