Languages Literatures and Cultures

French Graduate Program

Masters of Education in Romance Languages with a Concentration in French Education

Admission Requirements

It is assumed that candidates for the M.Ed. will have an undergraduate program of a minimum of 24 hours in French/Spanish above the 204 level, or a related field. Candidates who lack comprehensive prior academic training in the discipline may be admitted provisionally (contact the Director of Graduate Studies in French/Spanish for details). A “B” average (3.0 GPA on a four-point scale) or higher is normal for admission to our graduate programs. Candidates must submit satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Non-native speakers of English, regardless of U.S. citizenship, must validate proficiency in the English language by one of three means: 1) Submit a satisfactory score on a language proficiency test. If the TOEFL is the chosen test, the minimum required score depends on the form of the exam taken (internet based - 79 or paper based - 550). A score of at least 6.5 is required on the IELTS; 2) Have earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States; 3) Complete INTERLINK, the intensive English language program located on UNCG's campus ( The English language proficiency requirement may be waived if the applicant is a graduate of a university in a country where English is the official language.

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