Languages Literatures and Cultures

French Graduate Program

Masters of Education in Romance Languages with a Concentration in French Education

Application Requirements

The candidate must submit to The Graduate School the following:

  • a completed application form (available online),
  • a non refundable application fee,
  • two official transcripts of academic records from every college and university previously attended,
  • qualifying examination scores (see above), and
  • three recommendations from former professors, employers, or persons well-acquainted with the student’s academic potential.

All credentials must be in English. The Graduate Program in French has additional requirements.

The candidate must submit to the Director of Graduate Studies the following evidence of language proficiency:

Writing Samples.

  1. a 500-word Statement of Purpose in French, highlighting prior experiences and explaining reasons for applying and expectations for the program, and
  2. an analytical paper in French or English, preferably written for a prior course in the Humanities.

Oral Sample. The candidate must also submit a 3 to 5 minute unscripted recording in CD or digital file format demonstrating speaking ability in French. The sample should discuss a topic related to the program of study as well as experiences and motivation.

The Department requires a minimum of an Advance Low Proficiency level (according to the ACTFL guidelines) and reserves the right to request an OPI test. An interview with the DGS may be required.

Deadlines. The application will be reviewed by the graduate faculty in French as soon as all materials have been received. The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has rolling admission, but due to processing requirements, The Graduate School cannot guarantee an admission decision for Fall Semester unless all credentials are received before July 1, for Spring Semester by October 1, and for Summer Session by April 1. Deadlines are earlier for international students (May 15 for Fall, September 15 for Spring and February 15 for Summer). Students interested in departmental assistantships should apply not later than March 15.

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