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Fall 2015

101 Elementary Chinese I (Sun) GCP GN
Introduction to communicative Chinese. Essentials of speaking, listening, writing, reading, and basic grammar.

203 Intermediate Chinese I (Sun) GFL GN
Third course in a sequence leading to intermediate-level Chinese language proficiency. Conversational listening, speaking, writing, reading, and grammar structures.
(Pr. 102 or equiv.)

210 Masterworks of Chinese Literature in Translation (Tashima) GLT GN IGS
MW 14:00-15:15
Readings and discussion of the best works of Chinese literature in English translation from the traditional to the modern periods. Taught in English.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)
301 3rd-Year Chinese Language (Tashima) GN IGS
MWF 12:00-12:50
Third-year Chinese language course to improve oral and written proficiencies, including the Mandarin writing system. Taught in Chinese.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

491 Tutorial (Tashima)
F 14:00-17:00
Directed program of conversation, reading, research, and individual instruction in Chinese language and literature.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

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