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WILLKOMMEN! Our undergraduate German language, literature, and culture program involves an interdisciplinary range of courses focusing on elementary through advanced level language skills, as well as academic experiences that highlight oral and written literacy, literary analysis, and cross-cultural research culminating in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a German Minor degree. The German Program fosters a critical understanding of German intellectual history through the study of language, literature, theater, film, media, and contemporary culture. The program develops strong writing and communicative skills that are crucial for careers in journalism, public relation, publishing or advertisement, teaching, governmental service, and international trade.

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The German Major also provides an excellent preparation for graduate school, especially when double majoring in disciplines including history, philosophy, geography, sociology, music or art history. Online courses, including a four-semester German language sequence (GER 101-204) and an Online German Minor program are available to distance learning students across the globe. The German Program offers majors and minors the opportunity to apply for the Anne F. Baecker Scholarship for study abroad. For more information, please follow this link:

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