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Spring 2013

103 Intensive Beginning German (Dwyer) GCP GL
MWF 9:00-9:50
This course is a combination of GER 101 and 102 and geared toward motivated first-year and second-year students who, ideally, have some previous experiences with German, e.g. took German at high school or grew up in a German-speaking environment or with family member who speaks German.
(Registration by permission only. Please contact the instructor, Professor Dwyer at

306F Imagining the Nation in German Film (Kreitinger) GL SI IGS
MW 15:30-16:45
How have German films constructed a notion of the German nation? How is the German nation imagined in relation to other parts of the world? Drawing on the idea of a nation as an “imagined community,” in this course we will examine films from roughly five periods in German (film) history to explore answers to these questions. This course is planned for students who major or minor in German and for students who are interested in film, cultural studies, and contemporary Germany. Questions:
(Pr. 204, 241 or equiv.)

311 (former GER 291) German Conversation GL SI
W 1:00-2:00
Students engage in a variety of tasks ranging from practicing job interviews to presenting speeches in order to fine-tune their spoken German.
(Pr. 204 or 241 or equiv.)

405 Medieval Love & War (Dwyer) IGS WI
TR 15:30-16:45
What is a medieval knight? How does courtly love differ from our romantic idea of love? In this class we will read medieval literature in translation and discuss the epic hero. We will explore how a brave Germanic warrior developed into a chivalric knight and served a noble lady but never got to marry her. We will meet King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and famous couples like Siegfried & Kriemhild and Tristan & Isolde or Lancelot & Guinevere. Readings, assignments, and class discussion ALL IN ENGLISH. German Majors and Minors fulfill their requirement through a writing tutorial. Questions:
(Pr. 204 or 241 or equiv.)

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