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UNCG offers study abroad programs in Germany and Austria. Click here to view the German Study Abroad brochure, or click here to view LLC students enjoying their UNCG study abroad experiences!

UNCG's 2015-16 DAAD Young Ambassador

Daniel Foil is currently serving as the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) Young Ambassador at UNCG! Please contact him with any questions you might have about study abroad!

Here is some more information about Daniel:

Daniel Foil

Hallo! I’m Daniel Foil, a senior double-major in chemistry and German. After participating in an exchange program in high school, I knew that I had to study abroad in Germany. With the support of funding from UNCG’s International Programs Center, I was able to spend a year studying at the University of Mannheim. Study abroad was a magical, life-changing experience for me. I studied in a Baroque palace, traveled through much of Germany and Europe, and improved my German speaking and listening abilities more than I thought possible. I had such a good time that I plan to return to Germany for my graduate degree in chemistry and to seek a position in the German life sciences industry thereafter. My overwhelmingly positive study abroad experience has made me into an evangelist for study abroad in general and Germany in particular. I am lucky to serve the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as a DAAD Young Ambassador. DAAD offers a wide range of grants and scholarships to fund study and research in Germany. Please contact me if you have any questions about study abroad or any DAAD program! Email Daniel:

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