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For course information, see the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin: Japanese Courses

Fall 2015

101 Elementary Japanese I (Sugawara) GCP GN

JNS 101

Introduction to communicative Japanese and its writing systems (Hiragana and Katakana). The course covers basic grammar, fundamental words, phrases, and expressions. The course also introduces modern Japanese culture.

203 Intermediate Japanese (Takagi) GCP GFL GN

JNS 203

Third semester continuation course to communicative Japanese. Students study more advanced concepts and continue to learn Kanji. The course also aims to deepen students’ understanding of modern Japanese culture. 
(Pr. 102 or equiv.)

220 Modern Japan (Takagi) GCP GN IGS SI
TR 11:00-12:15

JNS 220

Introduction to Japanese culture and society. This course examines Japan’s modern development through selected topics on modern history, society, and pop-culture including media culture, film, and literature.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

301 3rd Year Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation (Sugawara) GN
MWF 10:00-10:50

JNS 301

The course is designed to improve students' cross-cultural interpretation and communication skills through intensive lectures, grammar retention drills, guided oral practices, and writing exercises. Students learn to analyze cultural logics behind language and deepen their understanding of Japanese thinking pattern that is necessary for advanced communication.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

305 Topics in Japanese Culture (Takagi) GN IGS
TR 14:00-15:15

JNS 305

Focus on Japanese civilization to improve linguistic and/or cultural proficiency. Taught in either English or Japanese.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

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