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Japanese Course Highlights

For course information, see the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin: Japanese Courses

Fall 2016

210 Current Topics Conversation (Takagi) GN
M 4:00-4:50

JNS 210

The course provides students with oral training for effective communication over current topics of global interest.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

203 Intermediate Japanese I (Takagi) GN
MWF 10:00-10:50; 11:00-11:50; 12:00-12:50

JNS 210

Third semester continuation course to communicative Japanese. Students study more advanced concepts and continue to learn Kanji. The course also aims to deepen students’ understanding of modern Japanese culture.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

230 Women in Japanese Literature and Film (Takagi) GN WGS GLT IGS SI
MW 2:00-3:15

JNS 210

The course focuses on various aspects of women’s lives in modern Japanese society, providing an overview of modern Japanese society through representation of women’s culture in literature and film.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

301 Third-year Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation (Sugawara) GN
MWF 10:00-10:50

JNS 306

Advanced language course that aims at improving students’ communication skills in Japanese and enhancing their global awareness. The course work involves grammar retention drills, reading/writing assignments, and various speaking exercises.
(Pr. 204 or equiv.)

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