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Spanish Advising for Majors and Minors

Students who wish to declare a major or second major in Spanish should contact the Director of the Students First Office (159 Mossman Building): The Students First Office as well as CASA, the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center (Basement of Foust Building), will refer students to a faculty member. After the initial contact with the Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising in Spanish, students will be assigned an advisor (a member of the Spanish graduate faculty) who will meet regularly with each student regarding his or her academic needs. We urge prospective majors and second majors to consult with these advisors during their freshman and sophomore years. Early contact with an advisor enables students to plan ahead concerning course offerings and special opportunities in the Department (such as study abroad). 

Students wishing to minor in Spanish should also make their intentions known to the advisor for help in designing their individual program.

Spanish Advisor: 

Carmen Sotomayor
2318 MHRA
(336) 334-5655

Teacher Licensure: 

Marcia Payne Wooten
2309 MHRA
(336) 334-5655 


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