International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics
October 10-12, 2014

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Academic Sessions

More may be added

Design and Analysis of Experiments
Chair: Manohar Aggarwal, University of Memphis

Clinical Trials: Less Discussed Issues
Chair: Heejung Bang, University of California, Davis

Networks of Text
Chair: David Banks, Duke University

Statistical Consulting
Chair: Jason Brinkley, Eastern Carolina University

Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Chair: Kumer Pial Das, Lamar University

High Dimensional Time Series Data Analysis
Chair: Xiaoli Gao, UNC Greensboro

Econometric Methods in Statistics
Chair; Sujit Ghosh - SAMSI & N. C. State University

NoSQL Systems for Big Data Analytics
Chair: Venkat Gudivada – Marshall University

Clinical Trials/Biostatistics
Chair: Sudhir Gupta – University of Northern Illinois

Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
Chair: Jennifer Fencl, Cone Health System

Foundations of Objective Inference
Chair: Jan Hanning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Recent Developments In Statistical Machine Learning
Chair: Yufeng Liu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Sampling Methods
Chair: Breda Munoz – RTI International

Applications of Multiple Imputation Via Bayesian Mixture Modeling
Chair: Jerri Reiter, Duke University

Recent Advances in Multivariate Theory and Its Application
Chair: Dietrich von Rosen – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Game Theory and Mathematical Biology
Chair: Jan Rychtar – UNC Greensboro

Introducing Research Projects to Undergraduates
Organizers: Jan Rychtar (UNC Greensboro), Kumer Pial Das (Lamar University), and Meenakshi Prajneshu (University of Delhi)

Cluster-Based Statistical Methodologies in Community-Based Interventions
Chair: Roy T. Sabo, Virginia Commonwealth University

Applied Econometrics
Subhash Sharma, University of Southern Illinois

Advances in Mathematical and Statistics Ecology
Chair: Richard Smith, SAMSI & UNC Chapel Hill

Dynamic Treatment Regimes and Sequentially Randomized Trials
Chair: Abdus Wahed, University of Pittsburgh

New Techniques for Analyzing High Dimensional And Complex Data
Chair: Yichao Wu – NC State University

Spatial Statistics and the Environment: Theory and Applications
Chair: Haimeng Zhang – UNC Greensboro

Risk Analytics
Chair: Ricardas Zitikis – University of Western Ontario


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