Department of Mathematics and Statistics

International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics - October 10-12, 2014

Wireless network Access

Wireless Network Access (WIFI) is available throughout the UNCG campus.�� Guests of the AISC conference have a few options for WIFI connectivity.� The easiest method is using the EDUROAM WIFI network.� UNCG is a EDUROAM Participating University.� If the guest's home University supports the EDUROAM network and it is preconfigured on their wireless network device there is no further configuration required.� To find out if your University is a participating member of the EDUROAM network check this website:� If a guest needs to setup EDUROAM on their device while at UNCG, directions can be found here:�� .�

A guest WIFI network is also available on the UNCG campus.� To connect to the UNCG-Wireless "Guest" network follow the directions here:� If you still have trouble connecting to the WIFI network at UNCG, please see the AISC conference support staff at the registration desk for assistance.