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Maya Chhetri

Maya Chhetri My research interest is in studying the solutions of nonlinear elliptic PDEs and ODEs. In particular, I study the questions of existence, uniqueness and multiplicity of solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems in ODEs and elliptic PDEs, and stability of solutions of corresponding evolution equations.

Richard Fabiano

Richard Fabiano I am interested in questions related to modeling, control, and approximation of infinite dimensional linear systems. In particular I study systems governed by either delay-differential equations or partial differential equations which arise in modeling flexible structures. The mathematics we use includes functional analysis, differential equations, and control theory.

Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis I am interested in the development, implementation, and analysis of numerical methods for approximating nonlinear partial differential equations. Nonlinear PDEs arise in stochastic optimal control, optimal mass transport, and materials science. My research has focussed on the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation, the Monge-Ampere equation, and the Cahn-Hilliard equation.

Jonathan Rowell

Jonathan Rowell My research has been motivated primarily by problems in ecology, evolution, and other areas of biology, but I am broadly interested in dynamical systems and general transport and/or diffusion models. The mathematics of my work includes functional analysis, ordinary and differential equations, difference equations, linear algebra, and game theory.

Jan Rychtář

Jan Rychtar I am interested in applications of mathematics in a wide range of fields. I have collaborated with researchers from biology, sociology and computer science. My work consists in building and analyzing a mathematical model of a phenomena of particular interest of the researcher. The mathematics involved ranges from game theory, ODEs, probability and stochastic processes and graph theory.

Ratnasingham Shivaji

Ratnasingham Shivaji Study of nonnegative solutions to partial differential equations, arising in the modeling of natural phenomena that is dominated by reaction and diffusion. Recent results focus on singular problems, problems with nonlinear diffusion and effects of nonlinear boundary conditions.

Clifford Smyth

Clifford Smyth I am interested in computerized simulation of several mathematical and biological processes: to find patterns and prove them. I work on analyzing the effect of vector/host affinity on disease spread. Several unexpected phenomena have appeared in our simulations, including a number of places where smooth variation in parameters produce dramatic changes in the model's behavior. My modeling work in discrete mathematics has led to a number of conjectures in combinatorial probability.

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