Math-Biology REU at UNCG

Application for the 2019 REU

Thank you for your interest in Math-Biology REU at UNCG. To apply to our program, please go to The website will ask you to create a user account. When your account is created, follow the steps provided on the website to complete the common application. Make sure to select Math-Biology REU at UNCG when selecting the Sites to which you want to apply. The deadline for completing the application to our program is February 8, 2019.

The common application will request the following:

  1. Basic information from applicants that can be used to identify unique individuals, match them to National Student Clearinghouse records, monitor program eligibility, and track applicants over time
  2. Demographic information (such as gender and citizenship) and current college enrollment (such as college name and years completed)
  3. A few items designed to gauge applicants' socioeconomic background, which can be leveraged for student selection, research, and evaluation purposes
  4. Questions about previous REU participation and prior academic achievement
  5. Additional information, such as the Sites to which students wish to apply, a personal statement, a resume and college transcript, and the names of two references

Your overall application should describe your interest in the program, your mathematical background and any experiences you have had which prepare you to participate in an REU program. Be specific and provide details. We want to know why you would be a good fit for our program. Please tell us if you were excellent in the classroom, won an award, know a programming language, possess a unique skill, etc. One of the goals of our REU program is to have a participants from diverse backgrounds. Please tell us how you will help us achieve that goal.