Math-Biology REU at UNCG

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering applying for a position in our program? Here is a little bit more information about what we expect of our student participants, what we hope you will get out of the program and the minimal requirements for applying.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students applying for the program should

  • be U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • continue to be enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Fall of 2019.
  • be majors in mathematics or biology, or a biologically relevant STEM field (statistics, computer science, genetics, biochemistry, etc.).
  • ideally have completed a course in differential and integral calculus.
  • ideally know a computer language, or at least not be afraid to learn a new one if needed (the preferred language that we will use is Matlab)
  • not be afraid to learn new things
The following students are specifically encouraged to apply: recent freshmen or sophomore, women, under-represented minority come from an academic institutions where STEM research is limited, and students increasing the diversity.

What are the deadlines?

The deadline to apply is early February 2019. See the schedule for more details.

What do we expect of our participants?

  • Spend the time between May 20 - July 26 working on research at UNCG. See the schedule for more details.
  • Actively participate in all activities, including regular group research meetings to discuss related articles, brainstorm, discuss problems, propose solutions and work toward moving the research forward
  • Write a paper about your research
  • Present (both in written and oral form) to the group about your own research project
  • Present your research at regional/national meeting(s)

What will I get for participating?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn $5000 stipend. Tentative payment schedule is
    • $1000 at the end of May,
    • $2000 at the end of June, and
    • $2000 at the end of July.
    You will also get a travel support to get to and from UNCG, free lodging at UNCG dorms, and roughly once a week we will pay for a lunch and dinner.
  • Participate in an experience that will give you leg up on your peers when applying for a job and/or graduate school
  • Enhance your writing, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Network with individuals in industry and with faculty members at other institutions
  • Present the results of your research to your peers both on and off campus
  • Get to know UNCG faculty members and other students very well as part of a research community

How do I apply?

See here for more detail.

What should I write in the cover letter?

Cover letter that should describe your interest in the program, your mathematical background and any experiences you have had which prepare you to participate in an REU program. Be specific and provide details. We want to know why you would be a good fit for our program. Please tell us if you were excellent in the classroom, won an award, know a programming language, posses a unique skill, etc.

How can I learn more about the project?

See the page describing the projects. To learn more about the projects, the best way is to contact Jan Rychtář (