Math-Biology REU at UNCG

Schedule of 2018 REU

Friday February 16, 2018 Applications due
Friday March 16, 2018 Decisions about funding announced
Saturday May 12 or Sunday May 13, 2018 Participants should arrive to UNCG
Monday May 14, 2018 REU starts
Friday July 20, 2018 REU ends
Saturday July 21, 2018 Departure day
Saturday November 3, 2018     UNCG RMSC conference
The REU begins on Monday May 14, 2018 and ends on Friday July 20, 2018. A bit more detailed program is as follows:
  1. Week 1-2: Orientation and Training
    • Welcome and Department of Mathematics and Statistics/UNCG tour
    • Computing systems overview
    • Initial meetings with PIs and social gatherings
    • Selection of topics for participants and beginning of the research
    • Intensive, targeted workshops on game theory and basic ecology
    • Introductory workshops on using LaTeX and MATLAB, and on using library and online resources
  2. Week 3-9: Participant Research Participation
    • Group meetings (daily)
    • Mathematical writing sessions (bi-weekly)
    • Prepare technical reports on their research (weekly)
    • Coffee hour (everyday), "Brown-bag" lunch and dinner (weekly)
    • Content/research skill seminar development and/or field trip (weekly)
    • Responsible Conduct of Research training (bi-weekly)
    • Visits of nearby campuses (exact dates TBD)
  3. Week 9: Participant Project Presentations
    • Final editing sessions for technical reports and trial presentations
    • Final project presentations