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SpartanTeX (available at provides a web service that compiles LaTeX source code written in Google Docs and returns the resulting PDF document. Together with the Google Docs editor, SpartanTeX is a collaboration friendly LaTeX authoring environment. It offers collaborative editing and revision control through Google Docs and easy compilation using LaTeX on the SpartanTeX site , without a local installation of LaTeX. Note that most of the Google Docs functionality, such as editing, sharing, and revision control, is only available through Google Docs and not through SpartanTeX.

Using SpartanTeX

To use SpartanTeX you need a Google account, which you can obtain for free at Use your username and password to log into SpartanTeX after clicking the button below. If you are using Google Apps for Education or a similar service where you login on a custom page, you should log in there first and then click the button below. UNCG users log in on first.

The button will direct you to a Google login page. Google will ask you again whether you trust SpartanTeX. If you do, Google supplies SpartanTeX with a token that allows it to download documents for compilation.

Authors, Acknowledgement, Support

Brian Sinclair and Sebastian Pauli from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UNC Greensboro designed and wrote SpartanTeX. Frances Clerk designed the web interface. SpartanTeX uses the silk icon set released by Mark James under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

For support send email to