Department of Mathematics and Statistics

University Computing Services

  • Linux/Unix: ITS is now supporting a Linux-based general-purpose instructional environment that is using AFS (the “Andrew File System”), which is the same infrastructure that supports the current UNIX (Solaris) environment: All UNCG faculty, staff, and students automatically receive an AFS account when activating their default, University computing accounts.

    The computers running Solaris are and The computer running Linux is These systems are accessible using an SSH client such as PuTTY or ssh (on the commandline of Unix like operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X). The Linux environment is called the Instructional Linux Environment (ILE). For software installed on the ILE, see Linux Software @ UNCG.

    To better support the research mission of UNCG, ITS has entered into a partnership with NC State University to provide technical support and training for High Performance Computing (HPC), see Research Computing Support Available from ITS.

  • Computer Labs: Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains and operates the campus open-access computer labs and provides support for students using the labs and for faculty who teach in the labs. There are currently ten such labs located throughout the campus, containing more than 360 computers.

  • Virtual Computing Lab: VCL is a remote access service that allows individuals to reserve a computer with a desired set of applications, and remotely access it over the Internet. All students and faculty have VCL access to some of the most popular software applications used for instruction at UNCG (e.g., Microsoft Office, SAS, Dreamweaver and Photoshop). Additional applications are available to students and faculty based on enrollment in or teaching responsibilities for specific courses.

  • Technology Support Center: TSC is located in Suite 101, Forney Building, and provides assistance to faculty, staff, and students.

  • 6-TECH: 6-TECH Online is a central access point for all of your technical support needs.

  • Microsoft DreamSpark Premium: (Formerly MSDN Academic Alliance) Through Microsoft DreamSpark Premium, students can obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for use in coursework, independent learning, or research.

  • UNCG SSL Web Portal: Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is used to create a secure path to the General Computing Network (GCN) at UNCG in order for your machine to access campus resources remotely. VPN creates an encrypted network connection between you and the GCN. Your computer will logically be part of the GCN when using a VPN connection.