Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dan Yasaki

MAT 120-01D (Calculus for Business and Social Sciences)

Limits and introductory differential calculus of the algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions of one variable.

  • GE Core: GMT
  • Pr. an acceptable score on the mathematics placement test or a grade of at least C in MAT 115 or MAT 150.
  • Credit cannot be earned for both this course and MAT 191.
  • NOTE: this course does not serve as a prerequisite for MAT 292 (Calculus II).

This WTX class has online homework and quizzes and on-campus tests and final exam. See Syllabus on Blackboard for details, including test dates and location.

Useful links

  • MyLab: Sign in and go to MAT 120 (Summer 2014) for announcements, assignments, and quizzes.
  • Student Study Program: The Student Study Program provides opportunities for students to form collaborative study groups which in turn will foster enhanced study habits and overall academic performance in and out of the classroom.