Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dan Yasaki

MAT 191-04 Extra Credit (Fall 2013)

There are a maximum of 40 possible extra credit points available to be added to a test. This is equivalent to 5 points on your semester average. See the list below for the extra credit assignments with corresponding point values. You may complete as many as you like before November 25, 2013. In order to receive full credit, your assignment must be neat, complete, and accurate.

  • Vocabulary and Main Results (10 points)
    Compile a list of the boxed results from the textbook sections that we covered (2.1-2.6, 3.1-3.11, 4.1-4.7). These include definitions as well as theorems. The items are given in blue boxes in the textbook. Your list should be typed or neatly handwritten and include
    • the page number where the result can be found,
    • a complete and accurate statement of the result or definition.
  • Design a Test (15 points per test)
    Make a test covering the material for Test 1 (2.2-2.6), Test 2 (2.1, 3.1-3.3, 3.5-3.6), Test 3 (3.4, 3.7-3.9, 4.1-4.4), or Test 4 (3.10-3.11, 4.5-4.7). The test should be at a difficulty level comparable to the homework assignments and past tests. If you use a question that is not original, be sure to cite your source. Your test should be typed or neatly handwritten and include
    • at least one question for each section and at least ten questions total,
    • detailed solutions.
  • Examples (10 points per chapter)
    Pick a chapter (2-4), and choose one example from each section of that chapter that is covered in MAT 191. Your examples should be typed or neatly handwritten and include
    • one example from each section,
    • step-by-step solution, showing more details than is given in the textbook.
  • Rowell's workbooks (10 points per book)