Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Qualifying Exams

Each PhD student must complete three qualifying exams before the beginning of their fifth semester. A maximum of five attempts may be made to pass the exams.

Exams are divided up into two categories: Group I and Group II. Each student must take at least one exam from Group I.

The application to take a qualifying exam is due by Reading Day of the fall semester for January exams and Reading Day of the spring semester for May exams. Students should fill out the Qualifying Exam Application Form and submit it to the director of graduate studies to apply for an exam.

Group I
  • Algebra -- MAT 591 and MAT 592
  • Analysis -- MAT 595 and MAT 596
  • Linear Algebra -- MAT 647 and MAT 648
Group II
  • Combinatorics -- MAT 631 and MAT 632
  • Differential Equations -- MAT 545 and MAT 546
  • Linear Algebra -- MAT 647 and MAT 648
  • Mathematical Statistics -- STA 651 and STA 652
  • Numerical Mathematics -- MAT 623 and MAT 624
  • Topology -- MAT 697 and MAT 698
  • Design and Sampling -- STA 675 and STA 676
Failure to pass three exams before the beginning of the fifth semester or failure to pass three exams within the allotted five attempts will result in dismissal from the program.

Old Exams as well as topic lists are available in the Department Library (Petty 119).