Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Math Education


Tracey Howell

Tracey Howell My research focuses on instructional practices that support students' mathematical argumentation, instruction in highly-impacted schools, and teacher learning of students' mathematical thinking. I am also interested in undergraduate mathematics learning and technology in mathematics education.

Carol Seaman

Carol Seaman My research focuses on undergraduate mathematics education. In particular, I am interested in exploring how the development of mathematical ways of thinking about doing mathematics and teaching mathematics supports the learning of mathematical concepts in undergraduate students. Additionally, I investigate the creation of classroom environments that support the development of such mathematical habits of mind in undergraduate students.

Dohyoung Ryang

Dohyoung Ryang My research area is teachers’ efficacy beliefs in mathematics teaching. Efficacy is a theoretical construct that has power to control a person’s real capability to execute the task. Together with knowledge, efficacy is important ingredient that teacher should equip in high level. It is now critical to know accurately teachers’ mathematics teaching efficacy. I am, especially, interested in developing and modifying a measurement for preservice teachers’ mathematics teaching efficacy beliefs.