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UNCG Summer School in Computational Number Theory and Algebra 2019

Computational Aspects of Buildings

From June 24 to 28, 2019, the University of North Carolina Greensboro will host the UNCG Summer School in Computational Number Theory and Algebra: Computational Aspects of Buildings.

The Bruhat-Tits building associated to a \(p\)-adic reductive group is a simplicial analogue of the classical symmetric space associated to a semi-simple Lie group. The study of these buildings has been an important tool in understanding p-adic groups as well as arithmetic lattices. Buildings have enjoyed playing key roles in several areas, including number theory, geometry, algebra, and combinatorics.

On a typical day, external and local experts give talks in the morning, and in the afternoon students solve problems related to this material. The talks early in the week introduce the students to the subject. Talks later in the week cover related areas of current research and unsolved problems. The problems given to the students might be of a theoretical nature but could also involve programming problems and computer experiments. All problems are aimed at increasing the students’ understanding of the material by working with it.



We expect to be able to provide support for approximately ten graduate students (travel, dorm accomodation, food). Interested students should complete the online application and have a letter of reference sent via email to by April 21, 2019. We will respond with funding decisions by May 13, 2019


Talia Fernos, Sebastian Pauli, Filip Saidak, Brett Tangedal, Dan Yasaki


NSF logo The summer school in computational number theory is supported by UNCG and the NSF (DMS-1602025, DMS-???).