Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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Greg Bell, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: Petty 144
Research: Topology, Group Theory
Maya Chhetri
Office: Petty 125
Research: Applied Math, Mathematical Biology
Igor Erovenko
Office: Petty 106
Research: Group Theory, Mathematical Biology
Richard Fabiano
Office: Petty 140
Research: Applied Math
Talia Fernós
Office: Petty 143
Research: Group Theory
Xiaoli Gao
Office: Petty 130
Research: Statistics
Sat Gupta, Associate Head
Office: Petty 126
Research: Statistics, Mathematical Biology
Tracey Howell
Office: Petty 127
Research: Math Education
Elizabeth Lewis
Office: Petty 141
Thomas Lewis
Office: Petty 141
Research: Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
Jonathan Milstead
Office: Brown 324
Research: Number Theory
Sebastian Pauli
Office: Petty 145
Research: Number Theory, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Biology
Catherine Payne
Office: Petty 124
Research: Computational Mathematics
Scott Richter, Director of Statistical Consulting Center
Office: Petty 107
Research: Statistics
Jonathan Rowell
Office: Petty 147
Research: Mathematical Biology, Applied Mathematics
Dohyoung Ryang
Office: Petty 110
Research: Math Education
Jan Rychtář
Office: Petty 131
Research: Mathematical Biology, Computational Mathematics, Applied Math
Filip Saidak
Office: Petty 104
Research: Number Theory
Carol Seaman
Office: Petty 139
Research: Math Education
Insuk Shim
Office: Petty 108
Research: Statistics
Ratnasingham Shivaji, Department Head
Office: Petty 118
Research: Applied Math, Mathematical Biology
Clifford Smyth
Office: Petty 105
Research: Combinatorics, Mathematical Biology, Applied Math
Brett Tangedal
Office: Petty 112
Research: Number Theory
Jerry Vaughan
Office: Petty 111
Research: Topology
Walker Weigel
Office: Petty 113
Dan Yasaki, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Petty 146
Research: Number Theory, Computational Mathematics
Haimeng Zhang
Office: Petty 103
Research: Statistics