Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Higgins
M.A. in Statistics (2012)

Brief Bio

I am currently working at Brighterion ( It's an analytics company with a strong focus in the financial crime sector (preventing it). Brighterion is in charge of all of the fraud for Master Card, and fraud, anti money laundering, and credit risk issues for Worldpay, the largest acquirer in Britain. I am currently lead designer of our anti money laundering and data breach (example would be the big Target credit card theft a year ago) due to my unsupervised learning knowledge completely attributed to my time at UNCG. I also work on credit risk and fraud based crimes in the credit card sector. 

The main portion of my job is working with vast data sets to create models, my last two sample sizes were 500 million and 6 billion to give an idea. We use statistics enhanced with artificial enhancements such as data-mining, neural networks, adaboost, deep learning, and more to create these models. We watch model performance, update models, institute live learning algorithms, but we do not work with the individual cases.