The Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

The 10th Annual UNCG RMSC, Saturday, November 1, 2014

Conference proceedings

All RMSC presenters are invited to submit papers to the conference proceedings. that will appear as the inaugural issue of the electronic open access journal North Carolina Journal of Mathematics and Statistics. The deadline for paper submission is March 31, 2015.

How to prepare the manuscript

Please use the following style file and follow the provided template file. At the very least, please use amsart.sty and make the file complie well using pdfLaTeX. However, please remember that the journal provides an online open access at no cost to you and thus keep any work required at the editorial end to the bare minimum. Manuscripts requiring extensive editing and LaTeX work to adhere to the guidelines will not be published.

How to submit

  1. Go to NCJMS website
  2. if you are not yet registered, click on �Register� to create your profile. Please note to check both, the Author and the Reader at the end of the registration form.
  3. when registered as an Author, login into the journal. If you are registered to the Journal, but not as the author, please email Anna Craft at and who may resolve the issue.
  4. when logged in, click on [New submission] (in User home) and follow the 5 step process
  5. Check the appropriate boxes and agree to the copyright
  6. Upload the pdf file of your manuscript
  7. Enter the metadata - authors, title, abstract, Mathematics Subject Classification
  8. Upload additional files. This includes:
    • the tex file with the manuscript prepared using the ncjms.cls class file and all relevant files that will allow editors to process the file using pdfLATEX. In particular, the authors should submit
    • the bib file with the references (more on it in the template file), and
    • all binary images, graphs, etc. should also be sent as separate pdf files along with the manuscript.
    The files need to compile well and with the correct formatting for the manuscript to be published.
  9. Confirm the submission.
  10. You will speed up the process if you sent an email to informing us about the submission and suggesting 3-4 names (with contact details) of the potential referees of your work.