The Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

The 11th Annual UNCG RMSC, Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morning Plenary Lecture

Bringing Abstract Mathematics into Reality: 3D Printed Catalan Wireframes

presented by

Professor Laura Taalman

Content Strategist, Digital Harbor Foundation
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
James Madison University

Abstract: Mathematicians often spend their days thinking about things that exist only in their minds. With 3D printing it is now much easier to bring those objects into reality. But how do you make the transition from mathematical information about an object to a digital file of a 3D model that is both beautiful and printable? In this talk we�ll use a set of wireframes for Catalan solids as an example, and walk through the process of designing and 3D printing a full set of Catalan wireframes using a combination of Mathematica, MeshLab, TopMod, and a clever scaling factor.

Biosketch: Dr. Laura Taalman is a Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University, author of nine books on topics ranging from Calculus to Sudoku, worked as the Senior Product Manager for Education at MakerBot, and currently is the Content Strategist, Digital Harbor Foundation. Dr. Taalman is also the founder of JMU 3-SPACE, the first general-education 3D-printing classroom in the country, and blogs about 3D printing at MakerHome and Hacktastic. She has designed and shared hundreds of 3D models in the 3D-printing community, where she is known as �mathgrrl�, and has been featured on Thingiverse, Adafruit, and Science Friday.