The Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

The 12th Annual UNCG RMSC, Friday and Saturday, November 11-12, 2016

Morning Plenary Lecture

Mathematical Fights! The Seedy Underbelly of Mathematical History

presented by

Dr. Dominic Klyve

Interim Director of the William O. Douglas Honors College
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Central Washington University

Abstract: Although students are often led to believe that mathematics is a purely rational, unemotional, and orderly field of study, history shows that this is often not the case. This talk will discuss some of the greatest fights in the history of mathematics. We will hear stories of friendships destroyed and national rivalries heightened because of disagreements about underlying mathematics. We will consider what these fights teach us about the nature of mathematics, and we will learn some interesting math on the way.

Biosketch: Dominic Klyve is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Central Washington University. He is the author of more than 35 papers in number theory, the history of mathematics and science, and applied statistics � several of which have been co-authored with his students. An expert in eighteenth century science, he has written on the mathematics, astronomy, biology, linguistics, and philosophy of the period. He has spoken on the history of math and science across the country and around the world.